Impact If People Who Have Asthma Have Corona

I want to ask. I have asthma, if I get covid 19, what’s the impact huh?

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VirusSARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 is a virus that mainly attacks the airways. In most healthy people, this disease causes only mild symptoms such as fever and dry cough. However, in the elderly and people who have comorbidities, this disease can cause severe symptoms such as shortness of breath and can even cause acute respiratory failure due to extensive inflammation of the lungs, disruption in other organs, which can cause death. People who have comorbidities who are at risk of experiencing severe symptoms include people who have a history of heart disease, people who have a history of lung disease (including COPD and asthma, especially uncontrolled asthma), people who have immune system disorders (both due to diseases such as HIV , or because of therapies such as cancer therapy or immunosuppressants), people who have morbid obesity and a history of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney disorders, liver disorders, etc.

If you have asthma and your asthma is uncontrolled (often relapsing), you are a person with a high risk of experiencing severe symptoms if you get COVID-19. You must be extra careful in protecting yourself, you should not go outside the house at all except for very very urgent interests. Make sure you don't go to a crowded and crowded place, don't use public transportation, keep a safe distance from other people (at least 1.8-2 meters), often wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizers when soap is not available, don't touch your face especially if you have not washed your hands, disinfected goods in your home (especially those brought from outside the house or touched by someone who has just left the house), as well as maintaining your immune system by getting enough sleep, eating and drinking enough , enough exercise, and not smoking. You should advise people in your home to do the same. If there are people in your home who are showing symptoms of respiratory tract infections and fever, immediately remove yourself from that person and ask that person to isolate themselves in their room and should avoid contact with that person until you can really be sure that the person did not experience COVID-19.

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