Impact If Pregnant Women Do Not Carry Out Immunizations

Illustration of Impact If Pregnant Women Do Not Carry Out Immunizations
Illustration: Impact If Pregnant Women Do Not Carry Out Immunizations

afternoon, I want to ask how important is the immunization of pregnant women ?? because I was 30 weeks pregnant but for immunization only the rest I just checked my pregnancy at the health center, anyways for now it’s difficult if I want immunization related to the Covid19 case. Thanks

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Hello Marmin,

Thank you for the question.

Vaccination is important when a woman is about to prepare for pregnancy and while she is pregnant, this is to prevent infections that can affect fetal conditions such as congenital abnormalities, miscarriages, premature births and low birth weight.

The following vaccines are useful for pregnant women according to the time of pregnancy (before or during pregnancy):

Before pregnancy: influenza vaccine.
During pregnancy: Tdap vaccine or tetanus toxoid vaccine - diphtheria toxoid - acellular pertussis that should be given at 27-36 weeks' gestation, or 2x tetanus toxoid vaccine within 4 weeks. In addition, pneumococcal vaccines, meningococci, hepatitis A and hepatitis B are specifically for high-risk pregnant women.
Not recommended during pregnancy but still recommended in periods outside the pregnancy / pregnancy program: HPV vaccine, MMR vaccine.

Based on your gestational age, the ideal vaccine to be given at 30 weeks gestation is the tetanus toxoid vaccine, which is very important and useful to prevent tetanus neonatorum or tetanus infection in newborns. The importance of administering this vaccine depends on your previous vaccination status, whether you have received this vaccine or not before the time of pregnancy. If not, WHO recommends giving tetanus toxoid vaccine 2x during pregnancy. If you have already received this vaccine, tetanus toxoid vaccine can be given once during pregnancy.

Therefore, it depends on what vaccinations you have received during the pregnancy, and your previous vaccination status. It is recommended that you consult with a gynecologist regarding delayed vaccine administration in the midst of the covid-19 outbreak that is recommended to avoid visits to health facilities to reduce exposure to infection.

Hopefully this information can help.


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