Impact If The Baby’s Chest Is Exposed To The Elbow Of An Adult?

Illustration of Impact If The Baby’s Chest Is Exposed To The Elbow Of An Adult?
Illustration: Impact If The Baby’s Chest Is Exposed To The Elbow Of An Adult?

Just in the morning … I just accidentally elbowed my hand hard to the left chest of my 3-month-old son, and he immediately cried spontaneously waking up from his sleep. Will the impact have an effect or not? Please explain, thank you 😢

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Hi Ria,

Thank you for the question.

The collision between the baby's chest with the elbow of an adult hand may or may not be dangerous, depending on the intensity and mechanism of the impact. Often, if this collision is not harsh, this condition is not dangerous. The condition of your baby who immediately woke up from sleep and crying can be caused purely because he was shocked and felt mild pain.

However, if a collision occurs very hard, or if after a collision you find your baby's chest looks bruised, the shape is not symmetrical, or the baby looks short of breath, vomiting, and other complaints appear more severe, then this condition may indicate damage more serious tissue, for example cracked or broken chest bones, pneumothorax, hematothorax, to injury to other internal organs, such as the lungs, stomach, heart, and so on.

If this last condition that you observe in your baby, immediately check with him directly to the doctor or pediatrician for further treatment. However, if you do not see any danger signs, then you can be calmer. Just take good care of your child's health, and avoid similar recurring events, which is to be more careful when close to your baby.

Hope this helps ...

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