Impact Of Delaying Basic Immunization In Infants

Illustration of Impact Of Delaying Basic Immunization In Infants
Illustration: Impact Of Delaying Basic Immunization In Infants

Hello, today my child is on a basic immunization schedule, is it okay to be postponed because Corona is now ??

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In general, examinations to doctors and health facilities are advised to postpone unless there is an emergency. However, immunization in children is not recommended to be postponed, especially for initial immunization (Hepatitis B0, Polio 0, BCG, DTP + Hib + Hepatitis B1). Other immunizations can be delayed, but it is recommended to be delayed for only 2 weeks.

Health care centers are advised to make a special pathway for immunization services in children to reduce the risk of contracting the corona virus. However, you are still advised to protect yourself and your child by continuing to practice social and physical distancing. You are advised to keep a safe distance from other people (when you are in the waiting room) at least 1.8-2 meters, you also may not make direct contact with other people (such as shaking hands, hugging, kissing cheeks, kissing hands, etc.). Make sure to keep your hands clean by washing your hands often or using a hand sanitizer, and do not touch your face (or your baby's face) with your hands that have not been washed. After arriving at home, immediately change and wash your clothes, and immediately take a shower to clean yourself and your baby.

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