Impact Of Drug Use On Infants?

Illustration of Impact Of Drug Use On Infants?
Illustration: Impact Of Drug Use On Infants?

afternoon I want to ask again about my nephew who got burns u003cbr u003 says DR for cleaning the wound later on Friday, will be anesthetized so that the baby does not feel sick u003e u003cbr u003 Is there any long term impact for the baby as for its growth ??

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Hello Cherry,

In some conditions sometimes anesthesia / anesthesia in children and infants is needed. For this matter, parents need not worry. Anesthesia for infants will only be done if the benefits outweigh the risks and tend to be quite safe as long as it is done according to medical indications.

The choice of anesthesia, whether it is local anesthesia, general anesthesia / general anesthesia, or regional anesthesia will be adjusted by the doctor to the patient's condition and the actions to be taken. Have you asked what anesthesia is used? Often infants and children are given general anesthesia because babies tend to be uncooperative so total anesthesia is an option so that the surgical procedure runs smoothly and is not interrupted by the baby's movements. However, doctors may consider using local or regional anesthesia according to the condition of the infant patient at that time and the type of action to be performed.

Regarding the risks, most babies and children can recover as before and it doesn't take long. Some children and babies may experience mild complaints such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sore throat, fatigue, and a little confusion. In more rare cases more severe complications can occur such as severe allergic reactions, permanent nerve damage, difficulty breathing, death, impaired vision and hearing, and developmental disorders. Severe conditions like this tend to be very rare.

You should discuss again about the anesthesia in your niece with the anesthesiologist or the doctor who treats your niece because the doctor is more familiar with the condition of your nephew at this time. If you decide to use anesthesia, you and your parents don't need to worry. The doctor has already considered the benefits and risks to your niece.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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