Impact Of Family Planning Use On Nursing Mothers?

Illustration of Impact Of Family Planning Use On Nursing Mothers?
Illustration: Impact Of Family Planning Use On Nursing Mothers?

Hello, I am Rini Andriani, I want to ask. R nDoes the mother breastfeeding in KB? R nWhat is the negative effect? ​​ R nUsing my child is 7 months ago, yesterday I just put on the implant, can I use the KB in the age of 7 months? and breastfeeding. Are there any negative values? R nWell my friends should kb should my child grow up, is that really the best recommendation. R nPlease help the solution and the ingredients, I’m upset after installing kb. R n r nTrims, r nRini andriani

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Hello Rini, thank you for the question to

Planning a pregnancy is a very important thing to do and planning for the next pregnancy should also be thought about immediately after you give birth. A woman can get pregnant as soon as her parturition ends, so it is strongly recommended to use contraception immediately after delivery or after the postpartum period. Suggested contraception can vary, depending on your needs, your preferences and your partner, and planning for the next pregnancy. For women who want to breastfeed their babies, the recommended birth control is the IUD (or the IUD or contraception in the womb), hormonal contraception that contains progesterone only (such as breastfeeding birth control pills, 3-month injection KB, or implants / implants), the use of condoms for each relationship sexual.

Implanted birth control is one of the recommended birth control for women who still want to breastfeed their baby. There will be no particular negative impact on the mother or baby from the use of this implant KB. Some side effects of using KB that can occur include:

disruption of the menstrual cycle (irregular menstruation, bleeding a little or a lot, menstruation is shorter or longer, no menstruation at all) mood disorders acne weight gain nausea breast pain hair loss Usually these side effects will improve after a few months of use .

The things you are doing right now are very appropriate. Precisely the advice to install family planning when a child is older is inappropriate advice and you should not follow if you really want to distance yourself from your pregnancy. If there are certain things that you are worried about regarding this family planning installation, you can consult further with your midwife or obstetrician.

Here are articles you can read about KB implants

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