Impaired Coordination Between The Brain And Body Movements?

Illustration of Impaired Coordination Between The Brain And Body Movements?
Illustration: Impaired Coordination Between The Brain And Body Movements?

Hi I’m a woman aged 19th I want to ask why my hand and mouth brain can’t work in line with what I want right ??

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Hi Tri Wahyu,

Impaired coordination between your brain and your movements, or your motor skills, can be caused by several things. In the medical world it is often referred to as dyspraxia, which is a neurological disorder that makes sufferers disturbed in planning and carrying out motor activities. The causes include:

Diseases such as ADHD / Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
History of prematurity
Cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy
Genetic disorders
Disorders of the brain, either due to injury or disease to the brain.

Of course you should check this directly with a neurologist to be able to find out more clearly the source of the disorder. You can find it at the following link: Neurologist / neurologist.

Impaired brain coordination and movement will generally greatly interfere with the sufferer's daily activities. Not infrequently it will cause psychological problems. Therefore, getting it checked out as soon as possible and planning the right medical treatment, will be very helpful.

Our suggestion:

Repetitive exercises will really help you to do your daily tasks well
Do light and regular exercise
Eat a healthy diet
Take control with doctors and therapists on a regular basis

So, hopefully this helps

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