Impaired Memory, Repeated Talking In People With Vertigo?

Illustration of Impaired Memory, Repeated Talking In People With Vertigo?
Illustration: Impaired Memory, Repeated Talking In People With Vertigo?

Good afternoon … I’m Ismail, age 28. I want to ask … my wife before getting pregnant often had a severe headache … until after giving birth she still had a severe headache, to disturb her vision (blurred) … when giving birth at the hospital I consulted a local doctor to knowing what my wife was suffering … the doctor also answered that my wife has VERTIGO’s disease ….. I want to ask .. is that vertigo can interfere with thinking (mindset) … my wife is forgetful … she talks often reset again. For example, now discuss the topic A … later not long tomorrow I will discuss again with the same topic … in essence, often repeated what he told me ….. how is the solution so that my wife can recover from vertigo …. Thank you …

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Hello Ismail, thank you for asking.

Vertigo is a condition of balance disorder that is described as a sensation of spinning sensation so that it can cause severe nausea and vomiting. Human balance equipment is in the inner ear and in the cerebellum. In addition, human balance is also influenced by vision. Disorders of the inner ear, in the cerebellum or brain stem, or in the eye, can cause vertigo. Vertigo can be divided into:

Peripheral vertigo, when abnormalities occur in the inner ear balance.
Central vertigo, when an abnormality occurs in the cerebellum or brain stem.

Inner ear infections, ear damage due to exposure to vibrations or loud sounds, mastoid bone infections, neck head area injuries, brain infections, brain ischemia, brain hemorrhage, brain tumors, are some conditions that may cause vertigo.

In addition to vertigo accompanied by nausea, vomiting, can also be accompanied by ringing in ears, visual disturbances, or headaches. Some conditions can trigger vertigo, for example psychological stress, physical fatigue, certain changes in position, certain movements, certain drug effects, and so on. But generally vertigo is not accompanied by memory disorders or cognitive disorders.

A memory disturbance may or may not be related to your wife's vertigo. Memory disorders can be caused by difficulty focusing, psychological stress, or lack of rest. However, memory disorders may also indicate a problem in other parts of the brain, in addition to the part of the brain that controls body balance. You should consult with a neurologist directly. The doctor may need to do a CT scan or MRI to find out whether there is a problem in the brain. After the doctor gets some suspicion of the diagnosis, the doctor will determine the appropriate therapy and action.

Such an explanation that I can share, may be useful. Regards.

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