Impaired Vision In The Left Eye?

Illustration of Impaired Vision In The Left Eye?
Illustration: Impaired Vision In The Left Eye?

Hello,. Since childhood I felt I had an eye disorder in the left eye. My eyes (left) almost can’t see perfectly, plus my eyes (left) squint. During the vision test the right eye can still see even though it’s a minus, but the left eye can be said to be ΒΌ use it. Because of that problem I felt I lost my balance when walking in the rice fields, driving on narrow roads, etc. During the day always squint left eye to see.

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Hello Anis Sulistyowati,

Astigmatism is an abnormality due to an abnormal corneal arch (front eye lining) that causes light to be refracted by several points so as not to produce a single shadow. This disorder can generally be corrected using glasses, special contact lenses, or lasik procedures.

Cross-eyed or strabismus abnormalities that you experience when they occur as a child and are not treated can cause complications of amblyopia. Amblyopia or lazy eye is a condition where the nerve of the eye is not stimulated with light during development, so the brain optimizes the normal eye and minimizes abnormal eye functions so that the object's projections are viewed optimally. Binocular vision or using two eyes to make one object projection is very needed for daily life and activities that require 3-dimensional function and depth of an object compared to other objects. In your condition where only one eye sees, the binocular ability does not exist so that you have difficulty walking on small roads such as rice fields.

The diagnosis of amblyopia is based on eye examination. The most effective amblyopia treatment is done before the age of 6 years. Handling can be done by using a blindfold for a few hours on a normal eye so as to optimize lazy eye vision, use of glasses, squint surgery. In adult conditions where amblyopia is generally permanent, the main goal is to optimize and maintain normal eye health. Perform an examination with an eye specialist routinely at least once every 6 months. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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