Illustration of Impotence?
Illustration: Impotence?

It’s been around 4 days that I rarely have an erection, like when I tried to masturbate I wasn’t excited. But about 3 days ago I tried to have sex with my wife and it was normal. Indeed, lately I have a lot of thoughts. What is the factor? Because I never felt any pain or anything

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Hello Ahmadsulthan10, Thank you for the question,

Erectile dysfunction / disorder can consist of a condition that is less firm / unable to get an erection resulting in not being able to have sex, erections that are not taking long, or erections that are more frequent than usual. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by the following health conditions:

psychological conditions, for example due to stress, anxiety, depression, problems in relationships with partners
physical and medical conditions eg fatigue, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Peyronie's disease, kidney failure. stroke
side effects of drugs
injury to the penis
complications of surgery on the penis

The level of psychological stress can affect the ability of the penis to erect. It is possible that this condition is what causes erection problems in you. Please try to manage stress well, for example by doing things that make you happy, doing relaxation techniques, or telling stories with the closest people. You can also try to create a more supportive atmosphere in your bedroom so that you are more calm / relaxed. You may consider consulting a psychologist if this level of stress is bothering you. If you have problems in your relationship with your wife, please discuss it carefully with your wife.

If you have tried to manage stress well and these complaints still occur, do not hesitate to consult a urologist for further examination.

Hope this information is useful.

Dr. Aloisia

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