Improve The Shape Of The Foot Like The Letter O?

Illustration of Improve The Shape Of The Foot Like The Letter O?
Illustration: Improve The Shape Of The Foot Like The Letter O?

Good morning the doctor asked me permission, I got hit (foot type letter O) 4cm, so I asked for advice from the people How to overcome the letter Ogimana? part of the Calf / beside my dry bone. The second pain. This is why doctor, Is it because binding to the foot causes bone fractures? Thank you

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Hello, good afternoon Dian ...

The shape of the foot like the letter O, or in medical language is called genu varum, is a condition where the knee remains wide open when a person stands with the position of the ankles and soles of the feet pressed together. This condition can occur either from birth, or when they are teenagers or adults. Genu varum conditions that occur since birth will generally improve at around the age of 15 to 18 months. If prolonged in infants, a common cause is Blount's disease, which is a growth disorder that affects the shin. Some blount diseases are only realized when they enter their teens. Other causes of genu varum penyaki include:

vitamin D deficiency (rickets) Paget's disease Dwarfism Broken bones that do not heal properly lead poisoning fluoride poisoning

To improve the shape of the O leg, it is necessary to consult with an orthopedic doctor and medical rehabilitation doctor, so that the treatment is adjusted to the cause, the patient's general condition, and the degree of severity experienced. Some of these treatments include:

the use of special shoes the use of surgical support braces to improve bone shape

Regarding the condition that you are experiencing where there are complaints of pain in the two lower limbs it can indeed be related to the act of tying the feet as you have for several weeks. The cause of the pain could have come from irritation of the skin or injury to the muscles of the lower limbs due to pressure and friction during binding. Broken bones can occur if the binding process is too strong. It all depends on how strong you tie your legs and how long the binding is done.

To find out for sure the condition of your feet at this time, whether it really happens broken bones / cracks or just muscle injury or skin irritation, it needs to be done directly. Therefore, we suggest that you immediately check yourself directly to an orthopedic specialist. The doctor will conduct questions and answers about complaints, do a physical examination on your feet, and the doctor may also suggest supporting examinations such as bone x-rays. We recommend that you do not tie your legs back. While waiting for the doctor's schedule, first rest your legs. If it hurts, you can compress the affected part with ice wrapped in a towel. If there are wounds on the feet, clean the wound and cover with clean clothes or cloth.

That's all, hopefully it helps ..

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