In A Coma Due To Alcoholism?

Illustration of In A Coma Due To Alcoholism?
Illustration: In A Coma Due To Alcoholism?

What is the state of the brain in someone who is in a coma due to ethanol poisoning?

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Alcohol poisoning occurs in several stages, depending on the level or percentage of alcohol in the blood (BAC)

Euphoria. In the early stages of consuming alcohol, alcohol will increase the release of dopamine in the brain which causes a relaxed, mild rasal. There was a mild disturbance in mindset and memory
Depression. Disorientation and memory loss. Occurs when BAC> 0.05. The body begins to absorb excess alcohol and euphoria turns into depression
Excitement. Occurs at BAC 0.09-0.25. Where alcohol begins to disrupt the function of parts of the brain such as the frontal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe. Difficulty controlling yourself, blurred vision, impaired speech and hearing. As well as the parietal lobe, which results in fine motor disturbances and slowed response
Confusion. At BAC 0.18-0.3. Disorientation occurred. Disorders of standing and walking until fainting and memory loss due to cerebellar brain disorders as a center of coordination and the hipocampus as a center of memory
Stupor. BAC 0.25-0.4. Understanding severe poisoning, where mental, physical, and sensory functions have been very disturbed. And at risk of asphyxia or respiratory failure
Coma. BAC 0.35. Severe disorders of the respiratory and circulation center, motor, and reflexes
Dead. BAC 0.45. The failure of the brain's function in controlling the body's vital functions

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