In-depth Examination Of Tremors To What Specialist?

Illustration of In-depth Examination Of Tremors To What Specialist?
Illustration: In-depth Examination Of Tremors To What Specialist?

hi, I am a student aged 20 years. I have tremors. Back in elementary school, my tremors would only appear when I was advancing in front of the class so I thought it was because I was nervous but as I get older the tremors are getting more intense even now when I am doing daily activities. r n r n about two years ago I once checked with an internal medicine doctor because maybe I have hyperthyroidism and the symptoms I experience are difficulty getting fat (weight loss), hair loss, fatigue, the body sweats easily, etc. but after I checked my thyroid lab was normal. then I was advised to see a neurologist, I then did a test where the test indicated that my nerves were normal. the doctor only advised me to drink lots of water, exercise, don’t stress, don’t be too tired, get enough rest and eat enough. r n r finally I gave up on checking again because based on my thyroid and nerves are normal. then today I was moved again to have my condition checked again, remembering that this tremor is very annoying, actually I am a pretty smart kid but because of tremors there are many things I can’t maximize, for example being a doctor 🙁 so I want to ask what should I do? do i need to check again to make sure or not? what specialist doctor should i go to?

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The condition of tremors can be caused by various conditions. Tremor itself is a condition where there is a vibration in certain body parts unconsciously. This tremor condition can be related to physical fatigue, or it can also be influenced by psychological factors such as anxiety, or it can also occur if you consume too much caffeine. There are several types of tremors based on the cause, including:

essential tremor, which is a condition where the cause of the tremor is not clear
Psychogenic tremor, which is a tremor condition related to a person's psychological condition, which often occurs in conditions of nervousness, anxiety, fear or excessive stress
Cerebellar tremor, which is a tremor condition associated with an abnormality in a certain part of the brain (cerebellum) due to a tumor, brain blood vessel disorders, certain infections
Parkinson's tremor, which is tremor that is found in Parkinson's disease, often occurs in the elderly
orthostatic tremor, which is tremor that is influenced by certain postures

Some disease conditions that often cause tremor symptoms include:

thyroid hormone disorders (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism)
nervous breakdown
disorders of the brain
fatigue factor
muscle tension
psychological factors

To determine the exact cause of your condition, you should do further tests to a specialist in internal medicine or to a neurologist, to be able to do a direct examination and some of the necessary supporting examinations such as blood tests, muscle examinations, etc. Treatment depends on the underlying cause, whether there are certain disorders / disorders or physical fatigue or psychological factors. Moreover, the previous examination was a long time ago, namely when you were in elementary school so it is necessary to re-examine it.

Some things you need to pay attention to:

enough rest
get enough sleep
avoid consuming too much caffeine
light exercise to train hand strength
just consume iodized salt
avoid excess stress

Here's an article that you can read tremors

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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