In Order To Be Able To Give Birth Normally On A History Of Caesarean Section?

Illustration of In Order To Be Able To Give Birth Normally On A History Of Caesarean Section?
Illustration: In Order To Be Able To Give Birth Normally On A History Of Caesarean Section?

Good morning doctor … I am a young mother who is 7 months pregnant her second child … my first child is 4 years of age in January 2020 … my first delivery was a cesarean because the amniotic fluid was up to 2 days … but it didn’t feel it hurts … while the second I want to be born normal … my second HPL is in March 2020 … can I think or not I’m normal … while many say it’s hard because my hips are small and have been caesarean .. thank you …

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Hello Ika Dewi, thank you for asking.

Delivery by cesarean section has various indications. In your case, premature rupture of membranes without contractions is an indication of surgery. The history may recur in subsequent pregnancies. In addition, the pelvic area must be sufficient for the fetal head to pass. Actually, the size of the pelvis is narrow or not, must be ensured through physical examination and ultrasound, not only seen from the outside. A narrow pelvic area can give birth normally, as long as the fetus is small enough to pass. Therefore, it is the ratio between pelvic area and fetal weight that determines.

Basically, if the condition of the mother and fetus is healthy, no abnormalities are found, and the cesarean section has passed several years, generally the doctor will seek a normal delivery. Of course this must take place under the supervision of a doctor. If during labor an indication of sudden cesarean delivery occurs, the doctor can immediately handle. So, you can discuss with your obstetrician to plan a normal delivery method.

That's the answer I can give. Hopefully it is quite useful. Regards.

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