In The Past Few Months The Stool Is Not Dense But Has A Regular Frequency?

Illustration of In The Past Few Months The Stool Is Not Dense But Has A Regular Frequency?
Illustration: In The Past Few Months The Stool Is Not Dense But Has A Regular Frequency?

Good afternoon, I april, it’s been a few months my stool is not dense but the frequency is regular (1-2 times a day), my stomach often hurts, and when the stools smell like a foul odor. Is my digestion problematic? Thank you in advance 🙂

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Hello April, thank you for asking.

Normal stool consistency is shaped like a sausage with an uneven surface, easily removed, solid but not hard and not soft or liquid. Diarrhea occurs when the stool changes consistency from solid to less dense with a frequency of more than 3 times a day. You need to add, is there a change in diet or type of food that you consume for several months. Or are there certain medicines that you take for a long time, such as antibiotics or weight loss drugs. Then is your stool accompanied by blood and mucus, or black and reddish in color.

Changes in food types or consumption of certain drugs can change the composition of normal bacteria in the intestine, so that food waste cannot be metabolized optimally. Changes in stool consistency can occur due to irritation or inflammation, and infection of the intestinal wall. Some conditions that can cause the stool to become less dense are:

bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infections
colitis or inflammation of the large intestine
Chron's disease
intestinal tuberculosis, and many more

You should consult directly with a doctor of internal medicine. The doctor will do a physical examination, examination of stool, and if necessary investigations such as endoscopy. While this avoids foods that are too acidic or spicy, avoid foods that are too fatty or oily, drink enough water.

Hopefully this answer can help. Regards.

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