Including What Disease?

Illustration of Including What Disease?
Illustration: Including What Disease?

Initially I had a fever after it subsided I had a stomach ache and several times entered the toilet in a day issued a runny brown stool then after that I bled a drop of blood stain with a drop of mucus and then my stomach wrapped once an hour in 2 days. including what disease?

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Hello Melani,

Thank you for the question.

The following are possible causes of the discharge of runny brown stool accompanied by patches of blood and mucus several times:

  Acute gastroenteritis or vomiting, which can be caused by viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. Inflammatory bowel disease. Food allergies. Lactose intolerance. This can usually occur by factors of food consumption, contracting germs from other people through food and drink, saliva, and direct contact such as shaking hands, or there is also a history of certain medications. If there are symptoms such as high fever above 40 degrees Celsius, signs of dehydration such as dry mouth, feeling very thirsty, and urine production is reduced, accompanied by vomiting that is more than two days and there is vomiting of blood, and bloody chapter, you should immediately consult to doctor. The doctor will evaluate your complaint, conduct a physical examination, and conduct a supporting examination such as a blood test, stool test, or even endoscopy if needed so that the doctor can handle according to the cause of your complaint.

The following things you can do to reduce symptoms:

 Increase the consumption of nutritious foods and adequate fluid intake, by drinking liquid electrolytes or ORS to replace fluids that come out through diarrhea. Avoid consuming foods that are acidic, spicy, high in fiber, high in fat, coffee, milk, and milk products. You can buy medicines that can be bought freely such as atalpugit. Take medicine every time diarrhea is liquid. Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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