Including What Mental Disorders ??

Illustration of Including What Mental Disorders ??
Illustration: Including What Mental Disorders ??

I experience the following symptoms – hallucinations. Sometimes I like to fantasize about my girlfriend who has died, that she is still alive and she is close to me. others are talking about me about the negative things about myself-more comfortable at home and don’t like crowded places, or don’t like listening to other people. focus.-insomnia

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Hello Raihan, Thank you for the question.

Imagining someone is not a hallucination. Hallucinations are conditions when someone sees, hears, smells, or feels something that is not real / non-existent.

How long have you experienced this symptom? Your symptoms can be caused by mental health disorders, which are usually triggered by various factors, one of which is a traumatic event in the past. Assuming that other people are talking about you and trusting them may be delusional. The symptoms that you experience can be caused by:

anxiety disorder

However, to ensure this further interview is needed by a psychiatrist / psychiatrist. If this symptom has been going on for a long time and has disrupted your daily activities, please consult your nearest psychiatrist / psychiatrist so that the doctor can ask you questions to better understand your condition to determine why before the doctor provides further treatment such as therapy psychological and medicine. While waiting for a consultation with your doctor, please keep trying to maintain health by getting enough rest, multiply the consumption of nutritious foods, increase the consumption of water, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, manage stress well, try to do positive activities such as doing your hobby or exercising regularly, and try to follow meditation.

I hope this helps.

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