Incomplete Immunization In Infants?

Illustration of Incomplete Immunization In Infants?
Illustration: Incomplete Immunization In Infants?

Good evening, I want to ask. I brought my newborn baby late for the first vaccination, namely hepatitis b 1 … what I want to ask r n1. Can that vaccine be repeated? R n2. What is the danger if the hepatitis b vaccination u0026amp; incomplete polio? r n

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Hello Mrs. Amelia.

Thank you for the question.

Before that I will ask some questions regarding the current mother's baby:

How old is the baby at the moment? What vaccines have you currently received? Vaccination is an effort to prevent infectious diseases. Immunization based on a predetermined schedule. The schedule for immunization according to the Indonesian Pediatric Association is as follows:

at birth to 1 month of age: Hepatitis B, Polio, BCG Age 2 months: Hepatitis B, Polio, DPT, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus Age 3 months: Hepatitis B, Polio, DPT, Hib Age 4 months: Hepatitis B, Polio, DPT, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus Age 6 months: Rotavirus, Influenza 9 months of age: Measles 12 months of age: PCV 15 months of age: Hib 18 months of age: Polio, DPT, Measles In the immunization schedule it says that if the child is delayed in immunization, There will be a catch-up for hepatitis and polio immunization.

Catch up is an immunization that is done to catch up on the immunization schedule that should or has not been done.

Ideally, hepatitis B immunization is given for the first time to infants aged 0-7 days. If you have not received hepatitis B immunization as a baby, this immunization can be given at any time. However, if the mother is suffering from Hepatitis B, then the mother's baby should have their Hepatitis B status checked before immunization.

If the polio immunization is given too late, there is no need to repeat the polio immunization from the beginning, just follow the existing schedule.

Antibodies will be perfectly formed if you follow a scheduled series. There is no overdose for immunization.

It's a good idea to consult this to a Pediatrician.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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