Incorrect Dosing Of Antihistamine Drugs In 7 Month Infants?

Illustration of Incorrect Dosing Of Antihistamine Drugs In 7 Month Infants?
Illustration: Incorrect Dosing Of Antihistamine Drugs In 7 Month Infants?

, my child is 7 months and 8 days old with 10 kg of bb having a cold cough, given cetirizine syrup 2.5 ml (2 times a day) but I gave it wrong up to 3 times a day. Is it dangerous and what should I do? when should I stop giving cetirizine to my child?

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Basically a cold cough is a disease most often experienced by infants and children. Cough colds are most often caused by a viral infection and can generally heal by themselves without the need for any treatment. Medicines for cold cough (including antihistamines such as cetirizine) are not recommended for children under 6 years because they are not proven to improve symptoms or speed healing of the disease. This type of drug is only effective to be given if coughs and colds are caused by allergies alone.

Cetirizine has a fairly high range of drug safety. If taken in a slightly overdone dose, chances are the child will only experience side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, fussing, diarrhea, being unable to calm down, etc. There is no specific treatment that needs to be given in this condition because the drug will be removed from the body by itself. If the child has tremors, has a seizure, can't urinate, or sleeps until it's difficult to wake up, you should immediately take the child to the hospital.

The following are more recommended therapies for treating cold coughs in children:

Clean the child's nose regularly with a nasal suction. Spray nasal saline to treat nasal congestion in children and help thin the mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tract (can be followed by suctioning the nose with a special nasal aspirator) Bathing the child in warm water and letting the child breathe in moisture. warm from the bath water Installing a humidifier in the child's room Prevents the child from exposure to cigarette smoke and air pollution. If the child's cold cough persists and does not improve for more than 7 days, symptoms of back weight after being better, you should bring your child back to the doctor child.

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