Increase Children’s Appetite?

Illustration of Increase Children’s Appetite?
Illustration: Increase Children’s Appetite? Bing

I want to be 12 years old when asked to eat it’s really hard, eat 2 at 3 pm from the morning, what vitamins are good to have a high appetite, thank you

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Hello, thank you for your trust in us. Children have difficulty eating is a problem for most mothers. Mothers of children who have difficulty eating are worried about their children's growth and development.

Difficulty eating is a multifactorial problem, meaning that many factors influence it. These factors include:

1. The child is bored with the existing food.

2. Children are enjoying certain activities so that they forget to eat, play video games, for example, watch television shows, play with friends.

3. Children like only certain types of food.

4. The child is full because he has eaten outside.

5. The child is having problems, it can be learning problems, problems with friends.

6. The child is sick but does not dare to be honest.

7. Children are deficient in vitamins.

You as a mother can place yourself as a friend of the child, listen to the child's complaints, do not immediately blame / scold the child so that the child will be honest. In this way the causes of problems related to children become clear.

You don't need to worry because most of the causes of difficulty eating are related to psychological problems / moods / moods of children, but do not rule out other possibilities that have been mentioned above.

Here are some tips you can try at home:

1. Do not force children to eat large portions at once, the portions for children and adults are different. Give smaller portions but more often.

2. Observe your child's favorite snacks so you can cook something similar at home.

3. Participate in cooking classes for children's favorite foods.

4. Make different food menus so that children don't get bored.

5. Make calorie-dense foods such as nasi uduk so that children don't have to eat too much but their nutritional needs can be met.

6. Giving appetite-boosting multivitamins, usually in the form of syrup, children prefer.

7. Teach children to focus on eating at mealtimes, not while watching TV or playing gadgets.

If your child still has difficulty eating, or if you find your child is not healthy, you should take your child to a pediatrician or clinical nutrition specialist.

The following article on eating disorders may be of help to you.

That's our explanation, hope it helps, thank you.

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