Increased Calluses?

Illustration of Increased Calluses?
Illustration: Increased Calluses?

I want to ask what is the name of the red dot / callus root and how many are usually the root of the callus Tq

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Calluses in medical terms are called callus. Calluses are a condition of thickening or hardening of the skin due to excessive pressure or friction. Calluses can cause symptoms such as skin feeling rough and thickened, sometimes painful, hard lumps on the skin, there is skin that becomes like split and dry. If there is pain and inflammation, it is important to think about possibilities other than calluses, which are the eyes of a fish. The eyes of a fish are called clavus. The eyes of the fish have "roots" which are usually called clavus roots or clavus nuclei.

The doctor will examine the patient directly and if necessary X-rays to determine whether there are certain conditions / structures on the inside that cause the eyes of fish and calluses. Management of fish calluses and eyes depends on the condition of each patient, either with ointments or creams containing salicylic acid, clavus excision to remove fish calluses and eyes, to further operations if there is a disturbance in bone structure that triggers calluses and fish eyes.

If you experience callus complaints, you should check with the nearest doctor to make sure and so you can get further treatment. To prevent calluses and fish-eye, you should use comfortable shoes and the right size, apply foot moisturizer, and use socks if necessary. Don't forget to keep your feet clean.

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