Increased Mucus Production In The Nose After Waking Up?

Hello !!! My name is sari. I am a KLS 8 junior high school student. I want to ask, why when I wake up in the nasal cavity there is mucus that clogs up. Difficult to remove. So is there a disease in me ??? . Thanks

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Hi Arta,

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Normally, the respiratory tract is lined with mucous membrane (mucosa) which produces mucus to warm the incoming air. This mucus is also useful for preventing the entry of harmful air particles from entering the deeper respiratory tract.

In some conditions, nasal mucus production can increase so that it thickens and blocks the airway, for example because:

Environmental conditions that are too cold Allergies, can be due to cold, pollen, animal fleas, dust mites Irritation, can be due to smoke, pollution, or other chemical substances in the air Respiratory tract infections, can be limited to the nasal cavity (rhinitis), sinus cavities (sinusitis ) or to the throat (pharyngitis) Nasal polyps (benign tumors in the mucosa of the nasal cavity) Deviation of the nasal septum Tumors or malignancies in the nasal cavity Side effects of drugs, etc. If this complaint gets better on its own, and there are no other complaints, such as headaches , facial pain, fever, recurring nosebleeds, smell disturbances, cough, etc., it is possible that this condition is not dangerous. You can resolve these complaints through the following efforts:

Use an air humidifier to humidify the air in the bedroom while sleeping Do not use the air conditioner or fan too cold Drink plenty of warm water Avoid exposure to substances that may cause allergies or irritation in your nose Use a nose mask if necessary Do not consume excessively cold food or drinks Do not smoke Do not use excessive decongestants However, if your complaint is very disturbing, there is nothing wrong with having it checked directly to the nearest ENT specialist. That way, the doctor can provide the best treatment so that your complaints don't recur and recur.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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