Increased Sexual Arousal?

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I want to ask, this is about my sexuality, these days I often feel horny, morning and night, but my wife rarely gives me relationship services, my wife is annoyed because I ask for sex every day, now the question is, is my wife already feeling bored with me, is it because my hormones are too excessive so that I feel horny all the time and what is the next step?

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Sexual arousal influences people to have sex. Very high sexual arousal usually leads to the desire to have sex continuously. Sexual arousal in men and women has a different pattern. Actually, this activity can also be useful from a medical perspective, including: one sport, a healthier heart, maintaining normal blood pressure, relieving stress. But if it is excessive it is also uncomfortable for the husband and wife relationship.

In conditions like yours, high sexual arousal can be caused by many things including:

-           High levels of the hormone testosterone in the blood.

-       Getting stimuli around you such as sensual images, topics of sexuality and so on.

-       It can also be an outlet for psychological stress such as depression

-        Psychic factors caused by organic factors such as brain tumors.

Staying away from sources of sexual stimulation can be a way to reduce sexual desire. In addition to staying away from sources of sexual stimulation, you can also try to get involved in religious and social activities. By spending energy in positive areas such as exercise, work usually the passion can subside on its own. But if you find it difficult to cope with this, you can consult a doctor directly. May be useful. Thanks.

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