Increasing Weight?

Illustration of Increasing Weight?
Illustration: Increasing Weight?

gimna yes my weight and every month it goes up by 4 kg it doesn’t matter right now i can 66kg last month 62kg

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First of all, you should explain in advance, whether your weight increase is due to changes in your diet or lifestyle, for example, the amount of your meal increases, you more often consume foods or drinks that are high in calories, your physical activity decreases?

If there really is a change in diet and lifestyle, then all you have to do is change your diet and lifestyle again as usual. Eat complete nutritious food regularly (not skip meals) in moderation. Try to stop eating before you are full. Avoid consumption of foods or drinks that contain high calories but not too high in nutrients (such as high-sugar foods and drinks). Increase your physical activity and do regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Drink enough water every day (2-3 liters a day).

If there is no change in diet and lifestyle but there is still an increase in excessive body weight, it is necessary to find out more about the cause, for example:

hormonal changes for example during menstruation or before menopause
Cushing's syndrome
side effects of certain drugs
diseases that cause fluid retention such as heart failure, kidney failure, liver disorders

Do a doctor's visit if indeed you feel your weight continues to increase even though you eat and have physical activity as usual.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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