Indentation At The Top Of The Head?

Illustration of Indentation At The Top Of The Head?
Illustration: Indentation At The Top Of The Head? Bing

t morning, I want to ask, for the past few months I have felt something strange about my head, at first I didn’t think this was a strange thing, when my friend held my head and spontaneously said that I have a hard shell in the middle, after that I thought then, my head hurts in the middle when I touch it, and it feels like that when my head is dizzy, indeed I often get dizzy, I’ve always been afraid of going to the doctor, afraid of being called strange, so until now I don’t dare to check further doctor, according to the doctor if what I’m experiencing is something serious?

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Hello, Ika. Indentations that occur on the head can be caused by lumps, can be due to infections, tumors, autoimmune diseases that cause skin thickening, post-inflammatory scars, and so on. Basically the bones of the skull in adults are composed of immovable bones. But between these bones there are joints called sutures (connections between bones). Normally this suture will close at about 2o months of age. So these indentations can arise, for example, after you have an accident that causes a fracture or fracture of the skull. It is better for this situation to be examined by a doctor, so that your concern can be known with certainty. If you don't get it checked, you will always think about it. The doctor will carry out a careful physical examination to determine whether the curve you are experiencing is normal or dangerous. In addition, maybe the doctor will recommend further tests, such as a laboratory or CT scan.

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