Indication Of Dehydration

Illustration of Indication Of Dehydration
Illustration: Indication Of Dehydration

afternoon Doc. I want to ask. I am the OCD diet that was introduced by dedy corbuzier. it’s been 3 weeks and I’ve lost 7 kg. from week 3 to week 4 I did not experience a decrease anymore. my initial weight was 100 kg and now 93 kg. and at the end my urine is dark in color and also around 2 o’clock that afternoon I like to feel tired and the taste is very weak. I can take a nap about 4 hours and wake up too weak. indeed this is the end of my morning jogging exercise for 20 minutes and home workout. but instead it didn’t go down after I did sports in the 3rd to the 4th week. I am a person who sweats very quickly very quickly questions 1) Do I have any indication of dehydration? 2) How many liters of my water intake do I have to drink 3) How long does it take to heal if I get dehydration?

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Hello Lutfi,

Thank you for the question.

The diet you mentioned involves fasting in the long run, and basically the diet is not medically recommended because weight loss is too fast and eating patterns that become less frequent can lead to many risks, such as weakness, hormonal disorders, damaged muscle tissue, disorders electrolytes, dehydration, and the risk of diseases such as heart and liver disorders and bile. In addition, this diet also tends to result in the yo-yo effect, that is, body weight will rise again after the diet is stopped.

One of the risks of the diet is dehydration. In general, humans need at least 2-7 liters of water every day, or the equivalent of 8 glasses of water. WHO recommends 3.7 liters of water per day for men and 2.7 liters of water per day for women over 19 years. If someone does not meet their daily water needs, dehydration conditions will arise, such as urine that is dark in color, excessive thirst, weakness, and in severe dehydration conditions, urine production becomes less than 6-8 hours. So, the main step to overcome dehydration is to meet the needs of water per day, and by replacing the liquid that comes out (such as excessive sweating) with electrolyte drinks.

Here are articles that you can read about healthy diet alternatives:

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Hopefully this information can help.


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