Indications Of Cysts After Menstruation On Cyst Ultrasound Are Lost?

Illustration of Indications Of Cysts After Menstruation On Cyst Ultrasound Are Lost?
Illustration: Indications Of Cysts After Menstruation On Cyst Ultrasound Are Lost?

good morning, I want to ask, I have been married for 5 months and I have just menstruated 2 x married in the last 11 years and I menstruated 1 month this year, before I menstruate I went to the hospital for ultrasound and I had a cyst 3 cm, I had a cyst 3 cm, after a few days I immediately menstruated I menstruated about 6 or 7 days, after that in the 2nd month I had no menstruation at all then in the 3rd month on the 18th I had blood spots rather brownish and not long only around until noon and it was not regular for example on the 18th, I came out of the spot and then the next day there was none at all, the next day there was out and not much, about 4 days I came out like that, after that I went to the hospital for the second time ultrasound and it turned out that my cyst had no doctor said at the hospital, and today I have blood out again and a little pain but no pain like menstrual pain I usually feel.

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Good morning, thanks for the question

It is possible that the cyst referred to in your condition is a functional cyst. Functional cyst is a type of cyst that comes from the egg and corpus luteum in the ovary. These cysts are formed every month and will rupture during fertility to release eggs. After the rupture of this cyst will become follicular cyst and will disappear by itself during menstruation.

Types of functional cysts consist of:
1. Follicular Cysts
Cysts that occur from follicles that release eggs where fluid-filled sacs form in the ovaries.
2. Corpus Luteum cyst
These cysts arise because of the release of an egg.

Symptoms of this cyst are generally in the form of persistent pelvic pain, pain during sexual intercourse, more menstrual bleeding than usual, irregular menstrual cycles, and fertility disorders.

Functional cysts are generally benign and small in size so it does not require special treatment because it will disappear by itself. Irregular menstrual complaints also do not require any special therapy. Treatment is only given to reduce symptoms such as pelvic pain symptoms. If the cyst then enlarges more than 5 cm, the doctor may suggest surgery.

To facilitate menstruation should consider the following:
1. Avoid smoking
2. Exercise regularly
3. Many vegetables and fruit consumption
4. Lose weight if overweight
5. Stop using hormonal drugs

To increase the chance of getting pregnant it is recommended to have sexual intercourse regularly at least 2 days or 3 times a week. No need to care about the fertile period but the most important thing is regular sexual relations. If after 1 year of trying but not getting a pregnancy, you should consult with an obstetrician for an examination.

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