Illustration of Indigestion?
Illustration: Indigestion?

Good morning … I was diagnosed by the doctor with heartburn … I had to take medicine for 2 months … it’s been 2 weeks of taking Inhipraz medicine … I have symptoms of hemorrhoids … From yesterday I had a sudden stomachache, first I want to go but it was difficult to get out, continued until the night had a stomachache (sorry, yellow diarrhea) .. nThis morning, after breakfast, I immediately had an upset stomach, then the stools were yellow but a little mixed with blood. Then the stomach felt like it was not filled … . how doctor … is it dangerous?

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For heartburn / gastritis it requires treatment using drugs to reduce stomach acid production and to protect the mucosal walls of the stomach. Inhipraz drug containing lansoprazole is commonly used to treat stomach disorders including chronic ulcers. For people with ulcers / gastritis, apart from overcoming by taking medication, they must also maintain their diet by:

regular diet
get used to breakfast
don't eat late
avoid eating foods that are too spicy or acidic, avoid noodles, cabbage, jackfruit, and soft or caffeinated drinks
diet portions are small but often more advisable

If your diet is irregular and you don't avoid eating restrictions that can trigger an increase in stomach acid, stomach complaints can often recur. For the condition that you are currently experiencing, namely abdominal pain accompanied by a yellowish liquid mixed with blood, it can be caused by several possibilities including:

gastroenteritis is an infection of the digestive tract
dysentery, which is an infection of the digestive tract caused by certain germs that can cause bleeding or bleeding mixed with blood
gastritis / ulcer that recurs due to irritating food
hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids, namely a lump in the area around the rectum / anus that swells and can cause symptoms of bowel movements mixed with fresh blood

To find out the exact cause of the condition you are experiencing, it is better if you have a direct examination by a doctor and may be carried out further necessary examinations such as blood tests. Some things you need to pay attention to:

regular eating patterns, don't eat late, avoid foods that trigger acid reflux
pay attention to the cleanliness / hygiene of the food / drink you consume
always wash your hands before eating
drink a lot of water
multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit
do not hold back CHAPTER
Avoid straining
take acid-lowering drugs such as antacids
further check the condition

following articles you can read gastritis, dysentery, hemorrhoids

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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