Infants Aged 2 Months Have Difficulty Sleeping At Night?

Illustration of Infants Aged 2 Months Have Difficulty Sleeping At Night?
Illustration: Infants Aged 2 Months Have Difficulty Sleeping At Night?

noon, my baby is 2 months old if I sleep during the day, it is hard to wake up, and he stays staring at half past 12 at night, is the baby 2 months old gpp going to sleep late at night and it is hard to sleep and wants me to continue if he moves to bed likes to cry in the arms and hold.

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Hello, Sri Ayuni. Thank you for the questions submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Sleep is an important process to support children's development. In the newborn age group (0-28 days), the amount of sleep per day ranges from 16-20 hours. Usually the baby sleeps 1-4 hours and then enters a 1-2 hour wake period, with the same amount of naps as the night. In the 1-2 month age group, the number of hours of sleep is usually 14-15 hours, with a 3-4 hour sleep period.

In addition to the amount of sleep a day, a child's sleep adequacy also needs to be judged by its quality. Components that also need to be considered are the routine sleep schedule in a day, total hours of sleep, naps, and good sleep console. Signs of a child who is bedrident include a child who can fall asleep easily at night, can wake up easily when he wakes up in the normal morning, and does not need a nap that exceeds the needs according to his age.

In newborns, sleep patterns tend to sleep often short and then wake up at night, then need a lot of naps. This is because newborns do not yet have the perfect cycle of day and night to regulate body rhythm. Sleeping newborns are more influenced by mealtime so babies tend to wake up crying when hungry and will fall asleep again after being full.

With consolidation, a child's sleep patterns develop into a longer night's sleep, are less awake at night, and fewer naps. Usually the regularity of sleep patterns begins to develop at the age of one month to one year. The difference in hours of napping and sleep at night begins to form at the age of 6 weeks - 3 months.

We recommend that you consult directly with a pediatrician if you have trouble sleeping in infants. Chances are your baby is currently in the process of developing a sleep pattern consolidation, which causes the baby to wake up often at night.

To enrich insight, you can read articles about sleep development in infants. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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