Infants Aged 6 Months Are Constipated

Illustration of Infants Aged 6 Months Are Constipated
Illustration: Infants Aged 6 Months Are Constipated

Good night, how to deal with babies 6 months of constipation? Can I give microlax?

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Thank you for asking at, I try to help answer yes ...
Babies are said to have difficulty defecating if if they do not defecate at least 3 times a week, see also if the stools come out solid or runny. Usually the stools released tend to be solid. To deal with complaints of constipation in your baby, you should be aware of the causes of infertility in infants, namely:
- Food = the transition of food experienced by the baby can cause the baby's digestion to experience shock because they do not know the processed food.
- Dehydration = babies who are in the room for drinking milk or breast milk, or in conditions of fever or teething are usually reluctant to drink milk and that can cause dehydration which can cause stools to form and difficult to get out
- Certain medical conditions = cow's milk allergy, hypercalcemia (high calcium levels in the blood), hypothyroidism, hirschprung's disease and indigestion from birth can be a cause of difficult bowel obstruction in your baby
In dealing with difficult bowel movements, micorlax can overcome these complaints, the content of sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, sodium citrate, polyethylene glycol 400, and sorbitol can help overcome constipation if according to the instructions listed on the packaging or in accordance with the doctor's recommendations, the use of microlax in infants aged 6 months is not recommended because its use is only recommended for adults and children over 3 years.
To overcome the difficulty in defecating your baby, here are the ways you can do that:
- Active move = with the baby moving actively, stool can be pushed so that it is easier to get out, if the baby is unable to crawl, moving the baby's feet like pedaling can help
- Stomach massage = massage the lower part of the baby's navel in a circle from the middle out and make the baby feel no pain while doing so, this can help smooth the baby's digestion
- Change formula milk = if this is caused since you replaced formula baby, then try changing it with a different brand or consult a doctor, so that you get the content that suits your baby needs
- Food = if the baby is just beginning to get to know solid food, try to provide foods rich in fiber and provide indirect portions of lots
Also try not to get the baby dehydrated, give more milk to help the digestive system work. If bowel movements are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, blood in the stool should immediately check your baby to the doctor.
In situations where the corona virus is spreading rapidly, if not accompanied by needs and urgency you should stay at home, or take care of yourself so that you are not exposed to the virus, if there are complaints such as sore throat that gets worse for more than 2 weeks, accompanied by fever more than 38 degrees Celsius, coughs, colds that do not heal until there is a feeling of tightness or difficulty breathing, even though you have tried to take medication, then you should check yourself to the doctor, for further examination.
Thus my answer, hopefully it helps

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