Infants Aged 6 Months First Eat And Do Not Have 1 Stool Daily ??

Illustration of Infants Aged 6 Months First Eat And Do Not Have 1 Stool Daily ??
Illustration: Infants Aged 6 Months First Eat And Do Not Have 1 Stool Daily ??

Hello doc. After I gave an exclusive breastfeed to my child and on the first 6th, his diarrhea was still normal, like a baby slime, the 7th had a defecation once, and now 1 day, it does not defecate, but just farts. Is that okay, doc?

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Hello Atikha, thank you for consulting us on the web.

In infants who are just starting the development stage of eating, it will show a different response from one baby to another. At the time of digestion has begun to recognize food in a more dense form, the body will adapt to these changes. The intestine will learn to absorb the new food and the disposal process will tend to be different from the previous conditions.

Conditions where there is no bowel movement due to getting to know solid food can very likely occur because the child's digestive tract is adapting. In conditions like this, of course parents do not need to panic as long as no symptoms appear that make your child cranky and uncomfortable. One sign of the condition of the digestive tract is still fine is the presence of farts or flatus that comes out. This indicates that the air can still pass with a movement in the intestine that is still normal. In the future, it needs to be evaluated again whether the chapter is still not coming out and other additional symptoms appear, such as:

No farting
Decreased appetite for food and drink

In giving MPASI, of course, must be balanced with the provision of enough water, so that the stool is not hard and easy to remove. Train your baby to get to know soft-textured foods such as pureed fruit or vegetable juices that have been prepared in such a way, because so far the intestine only recognizes liquid textured milk and is easily absorbed by the intestine.

If in the next 2 or 3 days do not show any changes and accompanied by the symptoms that we mentioned above, then do not take long to decide to consult with a pediatrician, to immediately look for the cause of the condition.

Thus the explanation from us, hopefully helps.

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