Infants Aged 8 Months Colds, Cough With Phlegm Accompanied By Bloody Slimy Diarrhea?

Illustration of Infants Aged 8 Months Colds, Cough With Phlegm Accompanied By Bloody Slimy Diarrhea?
Illustration: Infants Aged 8 Months Colds, Cough With Phlegm Accompanied By Bloody Slimy Diarrhea?

Assalamuallaikum Pg, sorry to disturb my mother ayu pny children aged 8 months Udh 4hr my child as a cold I have treated diarrhea to the health center but the medication has not healed yet there is a phlegm added (added ngekel kl coughing that it’s my son) it’s two hr That’s sml mucus, and then how come he has a smb like mejen gt so he has blood, so please ask for a solution and treatment how to deal with colds, coughing with phlegm and diarrhea there is blood, because there is a lot of blood on it Wassalammuallaikum

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Dysentery is bloody diarrhea caused by bacterial or amoeba infection. Infection due to Shigella bacteria, so called shigellosis, most often attacks the age of children. In addition to bloody diarrhea, also can be accompanied by complaints of fever, abdominal pain during bowel movements, as well as stool examination will get white blood cells and red blood cells. On examination of stool culture can be found the causative organism. This infection spreads through contaminated hands, food or water, and usually occurs in an unclean environment.

Management of dysentery is by administering antibiotics at the recommendation of a doctor while being monitored for clinical improvement. If there are no signs of dehydration then the child can be treated at home. Make sure the fluid intake is met and give fever and pain relief. Food is still given little by little if the child experiences vomiting with a mushy consistency.

Likewise with complaints of coughing and colds, if the complaints get worse they should return to control to assess whether there are severe conditions in the respiratory tract. Serious respiratory infections can cause shortness of breath and life-threatening infections in the blood.

Make further consultations with your doctor for further treatment of these two conditions. Beware if the child appears weak, sunken eyes, does not want to drink, heavy shortness of breath, skin and around the lips bluish then immediately take him to the hospital to get treatment.

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