Inflamed Acne After Acne Pimples?

Hello. I want to ask, about 1 year ago my sister (24 years old) started to grow several pimple stones. He was recommended to do a fractional CO2 laser by a dermatologist at the clinic where he used to perform treatments. After 8 times the laser, the zit will grow if a month he does not laser. Until the last laser he was recommended a pimple injection by different doctors at the same clinic. 3 days after the injection, the pimples were inflamed and even in the area that had never had pimples grew a lot. Then my sister was scared and a month off from cream and facial treatment. One month it was getting worse with a face full of pimples that are small or large but filled with pus all. Finally he went to a dermatologist at a different clinic. after 3 months in the new clinic and given oral medication or creams, it looks quite a bit better. It’s just that one pimple still grows one thousand. Contains all pus. If 1 flat, then in the surrounding area instead grows 2 or 3. Continue to still like that. Recently his doctor recommended acne peeling. It was smooth but only 3 days after peeling. After that many more grow on the chin and some on the cheeks. He even said that the zits were deflating and there was inflammation again. Why is that? when I see it, my sister rarely eats too much oily or sweet. He also said that he was not stressed and was diligent in washing pillowcases. Please help, thank you

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Acne or acne is a problem on the skin of the face, neck, chest and shoulders that often attacks someone who is in a mass of teenagers or puberty. Occurs due to oil glands found in hair follicles clogged due to excess oil production, causing inflammation. The resulting oil can be a place for the development of skin bacteria, causing pimples with pus. Pus is a collection of dead bacteria, skin cells and immune cells. Some things that can trigger excess oil kelenjer production, including:

1. Heredity factors.

2. Hormonal factors

3. Stress

4. Eat foods high in sugar and oil. You can read about this here.

There are a few tips we can give you so that you can be free from complaints that you submit, namely:

1. Be diligent in washing your face. At least 2 times a day, especially after outside the home.

2. Wash your face by doing gentle massage, do not press because it can cause breakouts and open up opportunities for bacteria to infect the surrounding skin so that new acne appears more often than ever before.

3. When rubbing the face is not justified rubbing it, but only gently patting.

4. Use facial wash soap for oily skin types.

5. Avoid using makeup. If forced to use make up, choose a foundation that can not close the pores and use it thinly. Wash your face immediately and thoroughly after using it.

6. Stay in control regularly with a dermatologist according to a predetermined schedule. Consumption of oral medication and rub regularly.

Thus hopefully useful.

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