Inflammation Of The Ear?

Illustration of Inflammation Of The Ear?
Illustration: Inflammation Of The Ear?

Hello, I want to ask! My ears are itchy and I often clean them using cottombad, then itch, clean them again and my ears are clogged and I take them to the doctor 2 times and until there my ears are sucked because there is a buildup of dry pus. my ears closed. Then the doctor said I had to stay away from itchy food then for a few weeks I only used tempeh, after that it was cured and it didn’t itch anymore, then I ate the chicken it kept itching, sometimes if I press it on the back ear it looks like it’s closed .. I confused. Do I have a food allergy like chicken? Previously, I didn’t like this, was it because of ear inflammation I was not allowed to eat chicken, noodles, eggs or other itchy fish, thanks, wassalam

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Itchy ears can be caused by a variety of causes. from the situation you are experiencing, itching in the ears and ear congestion may be caused by a PROP wax.

Prop wax is a hardened ear wax that covers the ear canal. Ear wax / wax hardens in people who often clean their ears with cotton buds. Cleaning your ears with a cotton swab can push the wax deeper inward, so that over time the wax will harden. hardened earwax can cause itching, clogging, ringing in the ears.

The lumen prop requires cleaning the ear by an ENT specialist. Cerumen prop can be repeated at a later date if you still frequently clean your ears using a cotton swab.

From the circumstances that you experience, you do not have an allergy to chicken. allergies to food will cause itching all over the body, redness of the body.

Some other conditions that can cause the condition you are experiencing include:

Acute middle ear infection CSOM a foreign body in the ear, therefore it is advisable if you are experiencing itching again in the ear, then check again with an ENT specialist. Avoid cleaning the ears with a cotton swab.

here is an article that you can read about prop serumen

may be useful. thank you

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