Inflammation Of The Ear?

Illustration of Inflammation Of The Ear?
Illustration: Inflammation Of The Ear?

good afternoon, is inflammation of the ear accompanied by a cold? thank you

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Hello Pipit, thank you for asking to

Introduce me Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Inflammation of the ear itself is very common in Indonesia, given that there are many respiratory diseases, and the habit of prying the ears too often. In the case of inflammation of the ear can occur in two places, namely the outer ear (eardrum to the earlobe, and middle-inner ear, (eardrum in). The eardrum is one of the important organs that in addition serves as a conductor of vibration by sound also functions as ear protection from germ attack from outside.

There is a channel that connects the back of the mouth with the middle ear, the eustatic tube. This channel also protects the middle ear from attack by pathogens that enter through the mouth and digestive tract.

Inflammation itself is a sign of infection both by viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites in the body. This condition will arise if the immunity or immune system is weak. Symptoms that will arise are usually not only felt in the affected organ, but the complaint will be non-specific and systemic. Such as fever, aches in the bones, chills, etc.

In some inflammatory conditions in the ear can be accompanied by colds or colds conditions should be able to create an inflammation of the ear. But here the possibility is that if there is an infection in both organs and are related to one another, the infection of the ear occurs in the middle ear and is caused by an abnormal eustachian tube so that germs can enter the middle ear.

But there is also the fact that pain in the ear is caused by an infection of the external ear canal. Symptoms that will arise are fever, runny nose, sore throat, decreased hearing, there are boils in the external ear canal. These symptoms occur due to inflammatory reactions in the body.

At this time all you can do is:

 Get enough rest and take care of your diet to improve your immunity / immune system. Consume warm water / warm drinks to dilate blood vessels so that the immune system and medicine can be delivered properly. Regular exercise can increase immunity and endurance. Consult your doctor immediately if the complaint persists or worsens. That's all the answers I give, I hope they will answer and always be healthy

Thank you :)

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