Inflammation Of The Eye

Illustration of Inflammation Of The Eye
Illustration: Inflammation Of The Eye

this doc my right eye hurts for almost 2 weeks, already given flumetholon and flx …. well the left one hurts now … what should I keep thinking about.

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You are not complete enough to explain the disorder in your eyes, what kind of pain, whether or not, red or not, swollen or not. Therefore I cannot direct the diagnosis to a definitive diagnosis. Because the need for inspection interviews and further physical examination. But I will try to answer your question, based on the possible causes of your eye pain.

Disorders of the eye can be caused by several things, including:

Bacterial infections, bacterial infections are usually marked with red eyes accompanied by pain and sometimes itching, there are many secret or dirt in the eyes during the morning. Initially only one eye is affected over time will be affected in the other eye. Bacterial infections will spread more quickly to the eye next to it.
Viral infections, marked with eye memra and pain, are not too itchy and swollen. It's just not spread to the eyes next to him.
allergic, eye disorders caused by allergies are marked by itching in both eyes and there is heat and swelling.

Based on the complaint you made, it might be caused by a bacterial infection, or the medical name is bacterial conjunctivitis. Which is where bacterial conjunctivitis will easily spread to the other eye. Or it can spread to other people's eyes through the touch or dirt of the eye on other people's eyes. Handling bacterial infections must use eye drops that contain antibiotics. And must maintain cleanliness, for example, do not use towels to wipe the face together, do not rub the eyes that hurt, wash your hands before touching hands to another place.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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