Inflammation Of The Nose And Ears Buzzing?

Illustration of Inflammation Of The Nose And Ears Buzzing?
Illustration: Inflammation Of The Nose And Ears Buzzing?

Hello. From March until now my nose has always been blocked, there is a lot of green colored mucus, and my ears are buzzing and sometimes my ears are stuck inside … I’ve already gone to see the ENT doctor to check everything he said I suffer from nasal inflammation, drum My ears are okay … What should I do to cure this inflammation of my nose and ears?

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There is a channel that connects the nose to the ear, called the eustachian tube. If there is inflammation of the nose (rhinitis), it can cause the fallopian tubes to close and germs easily migrate to the middle ear so that it triggers inflammation there, called otitis media.
Some things you can do, namely:
1. Wash nose every 4 hours. The way you prepare is sterile physiological fluid and 3 CC syringes. Warm the liquid to a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius. Take liquid using a 3 CC syringe. Remove the syringe. Then spray the liquid into each nostril. When spraying to the right nostril, you lie with your entire body tilted to the left. Vice versa.
2. Do the valsalva parasite as often as possible. It's like blowing with your mouth and nostrils closed, then you will feel the fallopian tubes open.
3. Consumption of vitamin C from supplements or fruits to accelerate inflammation healing.
4. When did you go to the ENT doctor? Control back. The doctor may need to give or continue or replace antibiotic drugs. The doctor may also need to do a re-examination, whether the cause of your rhinitis lasts long.
Thus hopefully useful.

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