Inflammatory Bowel Surgery In 2010?

Illustration of Inflammatory Bowel Surgery In 2010?
Illustration: Inflammatory Bowel Surgery In 2010?

slmt afternoon, I’m a 25 year old woman … in the past when I was in vocational school, I had an inflammation of the intestine surgery, to be precise in 2010 I had an inflammation of the intestine surgery … but now my stomach is splitting, why I like getting sick u0026amp; I have had frequent check ups The doctor only gave me medicine after drinking it really did, but I didn’t feel sick again, but a few weeks / months later my stomach was on the right side, I got sick again … and I have often felt the sciatica on the right side of the stomach repeats like that “. . why do I have to ask for a referral for a digestive ultrasound? or what? nplease for a solution noiya 1 again I want it if inflammation of the intestine with appendicitis is the same or not? What’s the difference? Thank you in advance sorry if the question is a bit length

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Hi agatha,

Thank you for asking

A condition in which the intestines becomes inflamed (inflammatory) is called colitis. This term can usually be used to describe 2 types of disease, namely ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the large intestine) and Crohn's disease (inflammation of almost the entire digestive system, from the mouth to the anus). Obviously, these two conditions are different from appendicitis (appendicitis).

Depending on the severity, people with colitis can experience abdominal pain accompanied by decreased appetite, recurrent diarrhea, bloody stools, nausea, weakness, and quite drastic weight loss. This condition occurs due to causes that are not clearly known. However, many experts suspect this is related to immune abnormalities, improper diet, psychological stress, genetics (heredity), smoking habits, and certain age and race tendencies.

Treatment that can be given to treat inflammation of the intestine also varies, starting from administering anti-inflammatory drugs, immunity suppressants, antibiotics, supplements, and other drugs according to the complaints experienced by the sufferer. If conservative management does not improve the complaint, the doctor can perform an operation to remove the intestinal segment that has severe inflammation.

Abdominal pain that feels dominant on the right can occur for various reasons, it can be related to a history of inflammation of the intestines following previous operations that you have had, or not. It needs to be clarified, are there any other complaints that accompany the appearance of abdominal pain, such as vomiting, fever, diarrhea, constipation, and so on. Here are some possibilities that can cause right abdominal pain as you experience:

Digestive system disorders, such as appendicitis, dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), poisoning, food intolerance or malabsorption urinary system disorders, such as kidney stones, kidney failure, cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) disorders of the muscles, skin and supporting tissues, such as muscle pain, hernia, post herpetic neuralgia Other, such as psychosomatic disorders, etc. If the pain that appears is very intense, you should not delay the doctor's examination. With early examination, including through physical examination and support, such as X-rays, ultrasound , or laboratory tests, the cause of the pain you feel can certainly be identified and given the best management.

At this time, to make you feel more comfortable, it's a good idea to apply warm water to the sore stomach area while resting yourself from tiring activities, especially those involving excessive abdominal muscle contraction. Eat with discipline, reduce the consumption of foods that often make your digestion uncomfortable, for example spicy, coconut milk, and too much gas. Be diligent in exercising, avoid stress, and also avoid smoking and alcohol.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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