Influence Of Food On Pompholyx Disease

Illustration of Influence Of Food On Pompholyx Disease
Illustration: Influence Of Food On Pompholyx Disease

Doc, are foods that have allergic effects such as chicken, eggs, fish including causes of pompholyx eczema?

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The presence of complaints or a history of pompholyx eczema or dishidrosis, is an eczema disease characterized by a small blister on the palm of the hand or foot. This ring can also be accompanied by symptoms of itching, heat, or minor injuries due to scratching on the pompholyx area. If the blister is not treated properly or the blister may rupture, it can cause open sores on the blister marks, which in turn creates the risk of infection, pus formation or wounds that do not heal. Thus, to prevent blister rupture as far as possible to prevent inflammation and risk of infection in the blister area that ruptures.

The main cause of pompholyx is not known with certainty, but this complaint is suspected due to the influence of allergies, including food allergies and contact dermatitis with certain substances that cause inflammation. Some of the conditions below can increase the risk of pompholyx complaints, such as:

Weather conditions
Antibiotic medicine
Exposure to chemicals

So if you or a patient with a history of pompholyx have a history of food allergies, then this can be a trigger for the emergence of this pompholyx complaint. However, it is necessary to really identify what foods are causing allergies and increase pompholyx complaints or cause pompholyx. So, if you have allergies, eggs, chicken, sea fish, milk or other processed ingredients, then to prevent this complaint from getting worse or to prevent the emergence of this complaint, you should avoid it.

You can also identify possible effects that are felt on any food that might increase the complaints you feel, for example, you have avoided foods that cause allergic complaints that you feel like chicken and eggs, however, when you consume goat meat, you also feel Pompholyx complaints are increasing, so you should limit your consumption of this goat meat food.

If indeed you have a history of allergies, then you can discuss and consult with your dermatologist to plan investigations such as allergy testing. By doing an allergy test, you can find out what increases this pompholyx complaint. By knowing the triggers of allergies, you can prevent the risk of allergic complaints and those that aggravate your pompholyx.

For now, make it a habit to clean your hands with soap and water, especially before and after your activities to help clean up anything that sticks to your feet or feet. Avoid physical fatigue and avoid sleeping late, because these two things can reduce your stamina and endurance.

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