Influenza Injection

Illustration of Influenza Injection
Illustration: Influenza Injection

Good afternoon doctor … I want to ask … is in a healthy condition we can get influenza injection?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at What you mean by influenza injection is actually influenza vaccination. This of course can be done in healthy conditions, because precisely the function of the vaccine is to provide protection or immunity to our bodies to avoid the disease.

So when there are children who get the polio vaccine, it is so that they avoid polio, not as a treatment for polio. If there is someone who receives an HPV vaccine, it is to avoid HPV infection, not to cure HPV disease. So that those who receive influenza vaccine injections, the goal is that they avoid influenza disease, not to cure themselves of influenza. Thus, the vaccine is actually given to healthy people.

For additional information, many people now consider influenza vaccines useful in preventing corona infections. This is not true, because the two viruses and the disease are different diseases, although the symptoms are similar. You can still become infected with corona even after you get the vaccine. So if the goal is to avoid influenza, please just do it. But if the reason is to avoid corona infection, then you should think again. Because, by far the best step to avoid corona is to just stay at home, wash your hands regularly and maintain endurance. So, hopefully answering your question.

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