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Doctor ass I want to ask a new born baby a week can use pempers ?? thank you

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Hello Arsiy,

The use of diapers for babies is one of the necessities where the diaper is one of the baby equipment that functions to hold the baby when urinating or defecating. It is not uncommon for parents to be confused about choosing to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers / diapers. Each of course has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages of each include:

Cloth diapers:

Pros: Can be used repeatedly by washing and reusing, can be stored for the next child, various materials so that you can choose which one is more suitable for your child, more economical because it is relatively cheaper, rarely causes allergies because it is free of chemicals

Weaknesses: Leaks easily, needs to be replaced more often, less practical, takes time because it requires washing and drying processes

Disposable diapers / diapers:

Pros: More practical and easy to use, able to hold more fluids so it doesn't need frequent changes, some have an absorbent gel to keep dry, there are some products that allow airflow to the child's skin

Weaknesses: Made from chemicals, so there is a risk of causing allergic reactions, requires more funds, cannot be reused, needs to be used with the right size so that it is not too tight or too big

Diapers themselves can be used at the age of newborns, the most important thing is the use of the right type, material and size of diapers which do not cause irritation and allergies to the child, often change the diaper so that it is not used too long, especially if it is full of tubs and chaps. children to be changed immediately, and get checked if signs appear such as diaper rash in the area around the diaper, the child becomes restless or easily fussy and others. If a newborn has not separated the umbilical cord, choose a diaper that has a special basin so that the umbilical cord is not covered by the diaper.

May be useful,

dr. Adhi P.

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