Infused In The Paralyzed Part?

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My mother has diabetes, paralyzed on the right side from top to bottom and then entered the ICU, so the one on the right can’t move and has numbness, so why is the infusion there, it doesn’t work anymore, after the infusion, it’s swollen, isn’t it true?

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Hello, thank you for your trust in us. Infusion or in medical language called intravenous access is a procedure to insert a tube into a vein (vein) with the aim of providing nutritional fluids to patients and as access to injecting drugs. Human blood vessels have 2, namely arteries and veins. Arterial blood vessels are blood vessels that leave the heart, while veins are blood vessels that return to the heart.

As long as the veins (veins) are not blocked, the flow of intravenous fluids will still flow smoothly into the veins. Signs of a blocked venous access:

1. There is a bluish lump in the area where the infusion needle was injected.

There are varicose veins / widening of the veins.

3. There is phlebitis / inflammation of the veins behind, marked by the color of the skin turning dark with redness around it.

As long as the infusion given is still dripping and there are no things mentioned above, there is no problem with your mother's infusion.

The paralysis and numbness in your mother that you describe is most likely related to the nervous system, while the IV is related to the blood vessels so the two are not related.

Swelling after the infusion, bluish lumps at the injection site of the infusion needle, and phlebitis are risks for infusion. You don't need to worry because if this happens accompanied by an infusion that doesn't drip, the infusion access can be moved to another blood vessel. These things can heal on their own. To help the swelling heal you can apply cold compresses to the area and place the swollen hand in an elevated position.

If you want to understand more you can directly ask the nurse or doctor who treats your mother.

This article may be able to help you.

That's our explanation, hope it helps, thank you.

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