Initial Treatment During A Nosebleed?

Illustration of Initial Treatment During A Nosebleed?
Illustration: Initial Treatment During A Nosebleed?

Hello, I had bloody bloody nose bleeding yesterday I followed the advice from searching on google for taro ice cubes on the nose and holding the blood with tissue, and stopped after that … well today at 10 am also like blood from a runny nose but for stop melting blood from the nose takes about 5-7 minutes and a lot of blood comes out, while the treatment is still the same using tissue and ice cubes … but after lunch around half past one the blood melts again after I try to blow your nose, but it turns out that The discharge is like a blood clot and this is a long nosebleed for about 8-15 minutes after it stops because there is a collection of blood that might cover the passage of blood … what do you think? do you have to go straight to the hospital? before this incident I had a cold for a long time and the snot was a bit rough, and 1 week before this incident I had a pretty heavy sport like push ups, sit ups, and other cardio movements … please help

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Hello Fraddel,

Thank you for asking

If it is true before you have a nosebleed nose that does not go away, it could be that your nosebleeds are currently caused by rhinosinusitis (inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinuses). As a result of allergies, irritations, viral or bacterial infections, foreign body objects, and various other causes, the nasal cavity can become inflamed. Inflammation in the nasal cavity can further make the outlet of the sinus cavity become obstructed, so that the impact of the sinus cavity also becomes inflamed. This inflammation in the nasal cavity and sinuses can make the surrounding blood vessels dilate and be more prone to rupture. Therefore, in addition to colds, olfactory disorders, headaches (especially around the face), and many other complaints, sufferers of rhinosinusitis often also experience recurrent nosebleeds. Not infrequently, nosebleeds and mucous blood can also be swallowed up to the throat.

In addition to rhinosinusitis, repeated nosebleeds may also occur due to nasal polyps, hypertension, nasal or head injuries, side effects of anticoagulant drugs or NSAIDS, bleeding disorders (for example due to hemophilia, leukemia, ITP), vitamin K deficiency, and so on. Your habit of blowing your nose too tight can also cause blood vessels in the nose to burst and nosebleeds occur.

You should check your condition directly to the doctor or ENT specialist doctor so that it is evaluated and treated properly according to the cause. Further examination, for example X-ray, laboratory, rhinoscopy, and so on can also be done by a doctor in a case that is suspected of being serious.

Initial treatment that you should do:

When nosebleeds occur:

do not panic
Press your nostrils
Compress the base of the nose with ice cubes
Breathe through your mouth
Hold your body and head up
Plug your nasal cavity with tampons (for example, those made from cotton or rolled gauze)
Not taking drugs carelessly

Don't blow your nose or pick your nose too hard
Avoid the airway from entering dangerous foreign substances, for example by using a mask
Expand to eat foods rich in vitamin K, for example red meat, dark green leafy vegetables, or nuts

Hope this helps ...

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