Injections For The Penis?

Illustration of Injections For The Penis?
Illustration: Injections For The Penis?

I want to inject my mr. p … can be helped. gx.

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Hello Marsel,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, for what purpose do you want to inject your penis? Are there certain complaints that arise?

Many ordinary people think of increasing the size of their penis by injection. They suspect, a large penis size can support appearance, increase satisfaction in sexual relations, and also lead to inner satisfaction. This assumption seems to need to be straightened out. Because, injections to enlarge the penis certainly is not a procedure without risk. Depending on the substance injected, this risks causing you to experience allergies, irritation or secondary infections to the injection site, scar tissue formation, nerve damage, and many other risks of side effects.

In the medical realm itself, penis enlargement is generally done by surgery (plastic surgery). This procedure was certainly not done without consideration. First, the doctor needs to evaluate whether your penis is really small, or just your feelings. Someone just said to have a small penis (micropenis) when the erection does not reach 9.3 cm in length. If your penis size turns out to be bigger, and there are no other complaints experienced related to the function of the penis, of course you are not the right candidate to undergo this surgery.

Our advice, do not rush to conclude that your penis is small and needs to be injected huh .. Sexual satisfaction was not determined solely based on the size or size of the penis. Provided you have no problems with erection and ejaculation, and as long as you communicate well with your partner about the preferred sexual relationship technique, often a small penis size is no longer a significant obstacle.

However, if your penis size is really small, and you feel disturbed by it, you should check with your doctor or specialist surgeon first so that it can be given the best treatment, yes. It is not advisable to undergo penis enlargement therapy in any way, including injections or other, without direct supervision from a doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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