Injuries On The Back Of The Feet That Begin To Dry Out?

Illustration of Injuries On The Back Of The Feet That Begin To Dry Out?
Illustration: Injuries On The Back Of The Feet That Begin To Dry Out?

Hello, r n r nI want to ask, after 4 days the edges of my wound were dark and dry. Is it a dried ointment or a sign that it will heal? R n r nIn the center, there are white, red, yellow, and dark colors. Is it okay if the ointment dries up in the recovery state? R n r nThank you ..

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In wounds that begin to dry out, you will usually see a thick brownish layer called a scab (or scabs). This scab serves to protect the healing skin tissue underneath to avoid further scratches or injury because the healing skin is very thin and sensitive. This condition is a normal condition for wound healing. The symptom that often accompanies the appearance of a scab on a wound is itching. Even if there is itching in the wound, you are advised to refrain from scratching the wound or peeling off the scab that has formed. Scratching / peeling off the scab will cause impaired healing of the skin, causing scar tissue and can cause the wound to re-open and bleed.

This scab will come off on its own in a few days. Make sure you keep your wounds (especially those that haven't been dry) clean. If it is exposed to water or you have cleaned your wound, make sure you dry it properly (air dry only) before covering the wound with a bandage or bandage. If you use antibiotic ointment on a wound, make sure you apply only a thin layer. If you notice that your wound is getting red and painful, the skin around the wound is swollen, pus or smelly discharge comes out of the wound, consult a doctor immediately.

Here is an article that you can read about open wound care

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