Injury To The Foot Hinge Due To Falling From The Motor?

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Injuries to the foot hinges due to falling from the motor can be mild, can also be dangerous. If the wound is superficial, without causing deformity, signs of severe inflammation (pain, swelling, impaired function), and heal in a short time, often this injury is not dangerous. With good hygiene and wound care, this condition can usually be cured in a short time without leaving dangerous complications.

Scars that feel itchy, wet, and appear to be widening that you experience are most likely a secondary infection of the scar. Frequently, this secondary infection occurs due to poor personal hygiene. Less than optimal immune system can also make the infection go away. Irritations, allergies, and other skin inflammation can also trigger your complaints at this time.

Instead, you first try to do some natural steps as follows:

Clean the wound with clean gauze moistened with NaCl or povidone iodine
Even if the wound feels itchy, don't scratch it
Do not also hold the wound with your bare hand, let alone be treated or given careless treatment without a doctor's prescription
Don't use pants and footwear that are too tight
Get plenty of rest
Take regular baths and clean the area around your injured leg

If the steps above still do not manage to resolve your complaint within 1 to 3 days, immediately check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist to be given the right treatment.

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