Illustration of Injury
Illustration: Injury

doc I want to ask more clearly about the supraspinosus ligament injury can you explain in full what is the supraspinosus ligament injury, symptoms, treatment and prevention

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Supraspinosus ligament or supraspinal ligament is a connective tissue that is located above the 7th cervical spine to the 3rd or 4th vertebrae.

This ligament has several functions such as:

Limit bending movements to the back
Place some back muscles attached
Keep the head upright
Helps maintain the stability of the lower spine

Injury to this ligament is quite rare, and if it occurs it is generally caused by several possible causes such as:

Hit by a car from behind
Injury while exercising
Certain jobs such as office workers, laborers, factory workers, drivers, or mechanics
Bad posture
Frequently lift heavy objects or lift heavy objects in the wrong way

Common complaints caused by this injury occur in the form of:

Pain when bowing or when bending the body to the side
Pain in the area of ​​injury at the time of emphasis on the area

For the treatment itself is quite diverse which can be in the form of massage therapy, myofascial therapy, friction therapy or can also be in the form of operative measures. For the selection all depends on the level of objection to the injury that occurs and how the condition of each patient so that must be consulted further with the doctor who treats you at this time.

As for prevention, there are several recommendations that can be done such as:

Warm up well and right before exercising
Use protection during exercise
Choose aerobic exercise to burn fat, exercise that builds muscle and also exercise that helps maintain flexibility in turn for routine
Maintain body weight so that it is always ideal
Avoid heavy lifting too often or in the wrong way
Improve poor posture

I hope this helps.

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