Inner Ear Pain Radiating To The Teeth?

Illustration of Inner Ear Pain Radiating To The Teeth?
Illustration: Inner Ear Pain Radiating To The Teeth?

, right, I have experienced pain in the ear for about 1 week, because I sneeze too hard to cause my ears to ache like blockage, I have taken herbs too but it is still painful, then the solution is the game, what do you give me ear drops? ? r nthank you.

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Hello Wilin,

The ear is indeed an important organ for us. Because apart from being a sense of hearing, the ear has a function as a tool in the balance of our bodies. There are several conditions / diseases that can appear in the ear and the causes are various, and ear pain is one of the most common complaints where this condition can be caused by:

Outer ear infection (otitis externa): complaints in the form of swelling of the ear, redness, pain, itching, such as pressure from the inside of the ear

Middle ear infection (otitis media): usually begins with an upper respiratory tract infection (such as coughs, colds, sore throat, allergies, which cause blockage of the Eustachian tube and there is a buildup of fluid in the middle ear)

Apart from infection, several conditions that can also cause complaints of ear pain or discomfort include:

Barotrauma ear: in a person traveling by plane, traveling to mountainous areas, diving in the sea at a certain depth. characterized by hearing loss, clogged ears, headaches, etc.
Continuous noise exposure
And others

To be able to ascertain with certainty the cause of the complaint you are experiencing requires a direct examination by an ENT specialist, where an ENT doctor can perform an examination using a special tool such as an otoscope (ear funnel), and other necessary examinations so that later appropriate treatment can be given.

For now what you can do to help reduce complaints such as:

Keep your ears clean and keep your ears dry
Avoid picking your ears
Avoid swimming for now
Eat healthy, nutritious foods
If pain complaints are very disturbing, you can take pain relievers such as paracetamol according to the dosage listed on the package

Next, I attach an article about earaches caused by these things to help add information.

May be useful.

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