Insomnia At Night?

Hello I am Rizza, age 16, if I finish the dawn after I go back to sleep again, then I wake up at less than 15 minutes. Dhuhur lazy and then if I can sleep yes I sleep, but if the school breaks during the holidays at 8-9 am, even at 10 o’clock. Then if I just wake up at 9 o’clock, I already feel malees, so finally I am strong “in, then after that, I feel lazy again, sleepy again, but if it is difficult to sleep in the night, then if I want to do it it’s hard to focus … – Always until the end of the day, why?

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Sleep is a natural need for the body by closing the eyes and resting the body to restore the body's stamina and help regenerate body cells. Need for sleep
humans range from 7-8 hours per day and performed at night, where humans move in the morning. If humans do not form good sleep patterns or familiarize themselves with good sleep habits, then there can be a risk of causing complaints
disrupt activities every day, such as drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, nausea, impaired concentration, impaired communication, easy emotions, and impaired vision.

Some of the conditions below can trigger disruption of good sleep habits, such as:

suffer from pain or fever

physical exhaustion

stress or anxiety

habits that do not support healthy sleep, such as staying up late, watching TV -hp-computer at times should be asleep

age is getting late


hunger or caffeinated or cloudy drinks keep you awake at bedtime

In connection with your question, with sleep patterns and patterns of activity that you live like that, then this condition can affect your thinking ability, your interactions with friends, disrupt communication, distraction of concentration, irritability, or the body feels weak to move.
Habits that do not support healthy lifestyles and good patterns of activity if not controlled early on, can be at risk of causing health problems for you in the future, such as disorders of blood vessels and heart, diabetes, muscle tension in the body, and psychological disorders.

It is important to identify the triggers for your sleepless complaints, and after that give a positive commitment to the findings of the trigger identification. If the gadget is the trigger, then place your gadget, turn off your gadget, or ignore your gadget when you should be sleeping. So, if you wake up in the morning to pray at dawn around 4 am, then you should have gone to bed around 21:00 at night, and it's time you put all your activities aside from sleep. By getting used to resting early, your sleep patterns will form new healthy sleep patterns that support your activities
the next day. Commit yourself and prevent future health problems.

And discuss with your family doctor or neurologist to help you control your sleep disturbance complaints. The doctor will give
directions and recommendations for you that help you control inappropriate sleep habits.

Thus the info we can convey.

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