Insomnia With Neck Strain And Headaches?

Illustration of Insomnia With Neck Strain And Headaches?
Illustration: Insomnia With Neck Strain And Headaches?

Hello, I have been experiencing insomnia for almost a month now, even though I have tried to relax my body when I want to sleep, I tried to take sleeping pills (brand sleep), but the results still cannot sleep at night. And I get more headaches and neck strain. Are there drug recommendations or ways to get back to normal? Honestly, I am tortured by this pattern. Thank you in advance

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Hello Asriyanto, thank you for asking

What is meant by insomnia is a sleep disorder that causes a person to have difficulty sleeping or not getting enough sleep so that this condition makes the activity of sufferers during the day disrupted which causes it to grow into not fit. The good sleep time needed is 8 hours for adults to rest each day.

Medically there are two types of insomnia based on the cause, namely primary insomnia and secondary insomnia. Where primary insomnia is a sleep disorder that is not caused by a medical problem, the secondary onsomnia is a sleep disorder caused by a disease or certain medical problems such as arthritis, asthma, depression, cancer, or gastric acid reflux (GERD).

Insomnia can be treated in several ways such as with drugs and changing patterns or lifestyle. Handling given will depend on the condition of insomnia each person. Medications for insomnia need to be given from a doctor and their use and dosage must be in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.

The medicines you use are included in the types of herbs that contain Valerianae Radix 250 mg, Myristicae semen 115 mg, Eleuthroginseng Radix 100 mg, Polygalae Radix 135 mg and are used to help reduce symptoms of insomnia and improve sleep quality.

In addition to insomnia drugs can also be prevented by several ways for example:

Avoiding eating and drinking a lot before going to bed.
Avoid or limit consumption of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages
Try to be active during the day to avoid napping
Avoid doing id bed activities when you are going to sleep
Create a comfortable atmosphere for you to rest and sleep
Do not smoke

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